Today's Hot tub and Spa filters are more advanced than ever before. As consumers continue to become more educated in the products they purchase, they demand the very best in quality, price and technology. Pleatco's engineers understand their needs and has designed a filter cartridge which gives the buyer the best of both worlds....the longest lasting filter and the cleanest water.

Traditional hot tub filters begin with the use a single center core that is wrapped with a pleated filtration fabric which is called the Filter MEDIA. While this is a effective method to filter debris from your hot tub, this design has been unchanged for over 20 years.

This is where Pleatco engineers have developed the best cartridge filter on the market: Pleatco Dual Core Filters with Advance Filtration System. This will clean the spa water better than any other filter on the market! These filters incorporate 2 different media's and 2 different cores.


Both media's use the Pleatco plus Antimicrobial technology. The outer media filters the larger particles of dirt leaving the smaller particles for the much stronger, proprietary media on the inside. Combined these media's cleaning the water down to 3 microns. This give you the cleanest, clearest water while using the least amount of energy.

  • Cleaner Water
  • Longer Life
  • Less Energy
  • High efficient Antimicrobial Filter Media
  • Pleatco Free Flow Cores
  • Antimicrobial End Caps
  • No cartridge filter sold by any other company does a better job of cleaning water.
  • Pleatco’s Dual Core Filters use two filtration medias to clean water to the highest level possible in today’s market.
  • Without reducing the life of the filter, the outer layer of traditional media works as a pre-filter to catch the largest particles, enabling the inner layer of proprietary, depth-loading media to filter down to 3 microns.