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SpaBoss Prevent II

$13.95 - $19.95
Spa Boss Prevent II is a weekly stain and scale treatment. It is a multipurpose concentrate that helps eliminate stain and scale formation on the spa and spa equipment. Prevent II is also a clarifier for cloudy water. It should be added weekly for...

SpaBoss Spa Clear

SpaBoss Spa Clear is a non-toxic, super high concentrate clarifying agent that rapidly coagulates suspended particles so the deposits can be picked up by the filter. When used regularly, Spa Clear helps to reduce chlorine or bromine demand by removing...
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SpaBoss Defoamer

$11.95 - $59.95
Spa Boss Defoamer eliminates and helps to preventing foaming in the hot tub For normal spa use add just a few drops as necessary. Excessive foaming (heavy foaming the day after) means that the water is "old" & needs to be changed. A small squirt when...


Here it is... The World Famous "Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble" for Hot Tubs!  The easiest way to way to keep your hot tub water clear and reduce the amount of hot tub chemicals needed to maintain the water is to remove all the contaminants from the...
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$9.95 - $16.95
Scumbug devours Scum, Slime & Grime from pools and hot tubs.  When placed in a clear hot tub or pool, Scumbug will eliminate the formation of scumlines. Capable of absorbing up to 40 times its weight in body oils and lotions, Scumbug™...

Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect

$23.95 - $38.95
Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect (1 L) Your spa/hot tub water is constantly absorbing organic material from its environment. Spas/hot tubs make this problem worse due to the smaller body of water and much higher water temperatures. What kind of organic...

Mineral Purifier

This Mineral Purifier cleans your hot tub water naturally and reduces the amount of chlorine or bromine usage by up to 50%. A combination of silver, copper, & zinc kill bacteria as the water inyour hot tub flows through your filter system. The...
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SpaBoss No Phos

SpaBoss No Phos is a naturally formulated hot tub water additive that removes phosphates from spa water. The existence of phosphates in the water can encourage algae growth, as phosphates are nutrients for algae. No-Phos is not an algaecide or...
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Zorbie Pool

Choose The World Famous "Zorbie Pool Water Bobble" for Swimming Pools! Similar to the awesome Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble, this product is designed for swimming pools.  When properly placed in the skimmer, the Pool Water Bobble removes...