Whether it's gas assisted cover lift, a deck mounted lifter, or when clearance behind the hot tub is an obstacle, finding the right cover lifter for your application can be challenging. So we've put together a comparison chart to help you find the hot tub cover lift that's right for you!

      Our Most Popular Cover Lifter  
  Cover Rock-it
Cover RX
Cover Valet
Cover Caddy
Mounting Style Under Mount Under Mount Cabinet Mount Under Mount
Gas Assisted (dual shocks)
Designed for
Sqaure Hot Tubs
Designed for
Radius Corner Hot Tubs
Designed for
Round Hot Tubs
Designed for
Cut Corner Hot Tubs
Designed for
Octagon Hot Tubs
Designed for
Hexagon Hot Tubs
Stored Position
Max Cover Width 96" 91" 104" 120"
Clearance Required 18" Rear 14" Rear 6" Rear 27" Rear
Price $194.95 $199.95 $239.95 $249.95
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